About Me

Color is the primal focus in my work. Each shade has a quality that must be explored for its own distinct beauty before being joined into a larger composition in the same way individual notes are the building blocks of a symphony. It is my responsibility as an artist to preserve what comes out of that meeting, much as a composer preserves on paper the sound of his music. It is the finding, organizing, and arranging of color that beauty, freshness, and meaning come together.

– Gaylord Soli

Gaylord Soli’s Artwork contains Elements Dependent on Fire, Water, Soil, Air.

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Gaylord Soli was one of the biggest names in Los Angeles in the 1970s and 1980s. He later also became one of the top names in advertising & art, as well as a successful Inventor & Business man. In the 1970s, he established the American Cup Company and reivented the life jacket. Soli’s since has kept his love for creativity and has worked on many projects including one with well know lead singer for the doors. Gaylord Solis is today recognized as one of greatest painters with his many styles.


Works are sold internationally and many works can be seen in the permanent collections of hotels, restaurants, corporations, public and private buildings, museums and luxury cruise ships.